New tags! And some interesting news…

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So today, I got the wonderful custom stamp made for me buy Stacey at to use for making hang tags for my shop, and I absolutely love it! If you need a custom stamp done, I definately recommend getting it done from her! Picture time!

My awesome tags!!!

And she even gave me a cute little cupcake stamp as an adorable freebie!!

And also, I’ve got some cool news, My Natural Form Victorian Dress has gotten itself onto the very front pag of craftster!! And I took a picutre hahaha!

Or two. So in light of the event and the several people telling me I should sell the dress that I made for my friend that never got worn, I’ve have decided to list the dress as a custom listing on etsy. It will be made to customers measurements, in color and fabric that is suitable of their choice. I will also be listing a petticoat for custom, and perhaps a corset, and bustle.

I hope all goes well with that.

I am also almost finished with another friend’s dress. Its a super cute retro dress with a bold daisy print, and its being made for her marine boyfriend’s homecoming. Speaking of that dress, I better go and finish that before the night gets too far away from me.

Lost of love and Dark Wishes,



No good day

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Well, it was perfectly okay I suppose, but I didn’t get anything done. Even though I have 2 custom orders to finish and about a kamillion etsy things to whip up but did i do anything to accomplish that? No. I turned my sewing machine on for literally 2 minutes and sewed a seam, and then I just stared at it. For 10 minutes. Just stared.


But hopefully tomorrow will be a more productive day, seeing as I won’t have to wade through the human soup that is the traffic on the interstate 5 in midday. But for now, I will lurk around and

Maybe I’ll have another go with my sewing machine. No promises though.

It’s been a while…

•August 7, 2010 • 5 Comments

Sorry about the abscence, I’ve been redoing my room. I paited it a lovely deep red, and now have a sewing space, and a bookshelf full of fabric! I’ll post some pics soon when I move all my stuff back in, it’s a process.

Also, my etsy shop is up!!

My wonderful mother, who is a fantastic photographer shot the great pics of me modeling some of the desings I have finished so far.

All of these fun things will be up on my etsy in the next day or two, and more to come in about a week or two. Still having to deal with half of my possesions being in boxes.

And finally got the damn serger back, that thing has caused me nothing but trouble. I had to take it back to get repaired an the part they ordered took 2 weeks to get in. I swear, when I get enough money, I’m going to buy a nice little juki serger or something. Singer is crap >:/

I’m also getting my seller’s permit and buisness licesnce next week, and I will be getting a booth at the OC Market place swap meet at the Costa Mesa fairgrounds, so I’m really excited for that. Lots of great gothic clothes along with my original designs, plus jewelry, knicknacs and much much much more! I’ll update this info as I have it, and I’ll let you all  know where you can come find us!

Anywhoo stay tuned for more posts, I will be able to keep up more, now that my life has returned to some level of normalcy.

Is it silly to have dreams?

•June 23, 2010 • 1 Comment

Sometimes I feel like its pure nonsense to believe that I can make it in the fashion bisuiness, especially the goth fashion scene. Everytime I see other designers work like Kambriel, I feel so inadequete. I mean, I know I’m good at sewing, but am I good enough? And those around me seem to not believe in and or support my hope of becoming and independent goth designer. Even though I wake up every morning (almost) and head straight to sewing things for my soon to be up etsy shop, trying desperately to get my name and products out there and try to make something of a living. No one seems to be very enthusiastic or proud of my accomplishments, and I feel like they couldnt give a flying teacup, even though I’m making some great strides. I dunno I just dont feel like those closest to me are giving me the support I need to really make this work. Or maybe I’m being a silly little girl who just needs to get over her insecurities and do what she loves without concern for the consquences. After all it is my life and I want to live it  my way.

Life is good!

•June 23, 2010 • 3 Comments
Okay, it’s not fantastic, but I do have good news! My serger is back! But sadly on my way to pick it up, I forgot the travel mug of tea I had brewed before I left and it sat on my counter for 45 minutes! I perfectly lovely cup of tea wasted! So I put the kettle on and set to work with my serger again and I’ve made some good headway on things for etsy! Finally I finished the black and red striped crossover lace cami and the skull blah blah lace cami.


I finished the cute dress I was working on from Akrivestry and love it!!!! So cute! I’ll take some actions shots and post them when I wear it this weekend.

Also my boyfriend is having me make him a floor length matrix style coat out of a lovely striped twill with a panel of awesome vinyl croc print on the back and trimmed on the cuffs and top collar, so I decided to share the sketch of it.

 Isn’t the fabric great?

With this post I will leave you with this picture, for your veiwing pleasure, my precious Yorkie pup helping my with my dress.

So helpful he is!


Busy Weekend!

•June 23, 2010 • 2 Comments

Haven’t had a chance to posty because this weekend I was up to no good! Friday I was asewin’ all day, and moping about my dead serger. I also made a super nummy marinade for authentic Carne Asada and cut enough onions to make a small country cry! But all night I was with my best friend Jade partying at a friend’s apartment. It was a drama filled night, which is all that needs to be said. Finally, I made it back home at 6 a.m., just in time to sleep for 5 hours and head over to a friend’s house for a fitting. I finished up the mock up for a  custom dress I’m making for a friend for her boyfriend’s homecoming, and I got paid! The deposit for the dress was 65, and I made my first real money from my sewing! Wee! She even wants another dress like the one I’m making for her, and a cute retro style wiggle dress with a ruffle hem! I believe I have my first repeat customer too! Wohoo!

I ran over to LA when all that was said and done and picked up my wonderful boyfriend from work, and we got all gussied up to have dinner with my parents. Too bad no pictures were taken, I wish I would have thought of it. Happily my aunt and father are very impressed with him, and my aunt loves the fact that he’s a chef and they can talk about food. And through the Carne Asade and wine induced haze we settled down to watch Sweeny Todd, but never quite made it, having fallen asleep right as we lay down to watch.

Father’s day was Sunday and my Grandma invited my boy to dinner with the family, a very nice gesture considering we have only been together for about 2 months. We all loaded up in the car and and a very nice dinner at a steak house, celebrating my dad being a dad. Thats really all that happened sunday, mockups were supposed to be made, and fabric was supposed to be bought, but sadly that never happened.

Fun stuff

•June 18, 2010 • 2 Comments

So, my dear cousins friend gave me a wonderful mannequen from his closing down store . A lovely headless 5’10 beauty for me to display my creations on for photograhy purposes, when I dont feel like modeling them or dont have the time. She’s a little dinged up, but she’s wonderful. Here’s a bad photo of her, I’m gonna have to hive her a name too, but I’m not sure what yet. Something will come to me.

Also today my serger had to be taken to the repair shop, because the silly thing just didn’t want to work. The needle hits one of the fingers and something else in there and tangles the thread an makes an awful sound. The fact that it is going to take a week to fix puts me back even further. I can’t work for the week that its out, and that makes me severely distraught because I feel like I’m wasting precious time before I can get my etsy shop going. So to combat my frustration, I took up a leisurely sewing project just for me that I can do at my own pace with no stress, and no keeping a time chart like with all my other things. I’m working on a gothy little dress made from one of the Akrivestry patterns for Simplicity (, but with a few alterations. Instead of lacing, i’m putting in a nice heavy separating metal zipper, and I lengthened the bodice to accommodate it. I will also be leaving out the contrast panel on the front. Its being made out of a nice cotton twill I bought in LA a while ago. And no, I’m not ashamed to admit that I still sew from commercial patterns from time to time, for my own personal use. Sometimes I just don’t feel like tweaking with pattern drafting and want something done up quick. No stress. Of course I’ll post pictures later, but for now, I’m off to go take it up again, and have a nice cup of tea.