Busy Weekend!

Haven’t had a chance to posty because this weekend I was up to no good! Friday I was asewin’ all day, and moping about my dead serger. I also made a super nummy marinade for authentic Carne Asada and cut enough onions to make a small country cry! But all night I was with my best friend Jade partying at a friend’s apartment. It was a drama filled night, which is all that needs to be said. Finally, I made it back home at 6 a.m., just in time to sleep for 5 hours and head over to a friend’s house for a fitting. I finished up the mock up for a  custom dress I’m making for a friend for her boyfriend’s homecoming, and I got paid! The deposit for the dress was 65, and I made my first real money from my sewing! Wee! She even wants another dress like the one I’m making for her, and a cute retro style wiggle dress with a ruffle hem! I believe I have my first repeat customer too! Wohoo!

I ran over to LA when all that was said and done and picked up my wonderful boyfriend from work, and we got all gussied up to have dinner with my parents. Too bad no pictures were taken, I wish I would have thought of it. Happily my aunt and father are very impressed with him, and my aunt loves the fact that he’s a chef and they can talk about food. And through the Carne Asade and wine induced haze we settled down to watch Sweeny Todd, but never quite made it, having fallen asleep right as we lay down to watch.

Father’s day was Sunday and my Grandma invited my boy to dinner with the family, a very nice gesture considering we have only been together for about 2 months. We all loaded up in the car and and a very nice dinner at a steak house, celebrating my dad being a dad. Thats really all that happened sunday, mockups were supposed to be made, and fabric was supposed to be bought, but sadly that never happened.


~ by xxbereftxx on June 23, 2010.

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  1. i love you baby

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