Life is good!

Okay, it’s not fantastic, but I do have good news! My serger is back! But sadly on my way to pick it up, I forgot the travel mug of tea I had brewed before I left and it sat on my counter for 45 minutes! I perfectly lovely cup of tea wasted! So I put the kettle on and set to work with my serger again and I’ve made some good headway on things for etsy! Finally I finished the black and red striped crossover lace cami and the skull blah blah lace cami.


I finished the cute dress I was working on from Akrivestry and love it!!!! So cute! I’ll take some actions shots and post them when I wear it this weekend.

Also my boyfriend is having me make him a floor length matrix style coat out of a lovely striped twill with a panel of awesome vinyl croc print on the back and trimmed on the cuffs and top collar, so I decided to share the sketch of it.

 Isn’t the fabric great?

With this post I will leave you with this picture, for your veiwing pleasure, my precious Yorkie pup helping my with my dress.

So helpful he is!



~ by xxbereftxx on June 23, 2010.

3 Responses to “Life is good!”

  1. they look so cool i hope some day u make me somthin i will pay of corse

  2. its nice to see your skills are only getting better ;D

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