It’s been a while…

Sorry about the abscence, I’ve been redoing my room. I paited it a lovely deep red, and now have a sewing space, and a bookshelf full of fabric! I’ll post some pics soon when I move all my stuff back in, it’s a process.

Also, my etsy shop is up!!

My wonderful mother, who is a fantastic photographer shot the great pics of me modeling some of the desings I have finished so far.

All of these fun things will be up on my etsy in the next day or two, and more to come in about a week or two. Still having to deal with half of my possesions being in boxes.

And finally got the damn serger back, that thing has caused me nothing but trouble. I had to take it back to get repaired an the part they ordered took 2 weeks to get in. I swear, when I get enough money, I’m going to buy a nice little juki serger or something. Singer is crap >:/

I’m also getting my seller’s permit and buisness licesnce next week, and I will be getting a booth at the OC Market place swap meet at the Costa Mesa fairgrounds, so I’m really excited for that. Lots of great gothic clothes along with my original designs, plus jewelry, knicknacs and much much much more! I’ll update this info as I have it, and I’ll let you all  know where you can come find us!

Anywhoo stay tuned for more posts, I will be able to keep up more, now that my life has returned to some level of normalcy.


~ by xxbereftxx on August 7, 2010.

5 Responses to “It’s been a while…”

  1. I love your stuff, and think you’re going to do great in your shop. Those bloomers are too cute!

  2. Awesome creations! I sew clothes too, but haven’t published anything clothingwise, just random bits and bobs. I get very self concious I guess.

  3. Hey sweetie…good to see you back up an running as they say….thanks for the photography plug…i really appreciate that!!!! …and i just wanted you to know how AMAZING i think you are…i couldn’t be prouder of you!!!! I love you sooooo!!!!! …Mom

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