New tags! And some interesting news…

So today, I got the wonderful custom stamp made for me buy Stacey at to use for making hang tags for my shop, and I absolutely love it! If you need a custom stamp done, I definately recommend getting it done from her! Picture time!

My awesome tags!!!

And she even gave me a cute little cupcake stamp as an adorable freebie!!

And also, I’ve got some cool news, My Natural Form Victorian Dress has gotten itself onto the very front pag of craftster!! And I took a picutre hahaha!

Or two. So in light of the event and the several people telling me I should sell the dress that I made for my friend that never got worn, I’ve have decided to list the dress as a custom listing on etsy. It will be made to customers measurements, in color and fabric that is suitableĀ of their choice. I will also be listing a petticoat for custom, and perhaps a corset, and bustle.

I hope all goes well with that.

I am also almost finished with another friend’s dress. Its a super cute retro dress with a bold daisy print, and its being made for her marine boyfriend’s homecoming. Speaking of that dress, I better go and finish that before the night gets too far away from me.

Lost of love and Dark Wishes,



~ by xxbereftxx on August 11, 2010.

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