I am a 19 year old fashion student with a love of goth fashion. I proudly call myself goth and love to produce clothing styles with an edge. I began sewing mostly because pretty gothic clothing is so darned expensive, and quickly my life was consumed by it. From Victorian costuming to industrial design, Lolita to Retro, I love so many various looks. I am attending OCC and trying to get my clothing construction certificate. I also want to minor in German, but the school budget cuts canceled my 2nd year classes.

My other hobbies besides sewing are drawing, painting, baking, some knitting (I don’t claim to be amazing, I just really do scarves and the like) collecting tea things, antique shopping and thrifting, and of course hoarding fabric. I have a very large collection of tea things and tea. I also have several Victorian and Edwardian cabinet cards and a few vintage pieces from the 50’s, along with a large collection of hats from the 50’s and 60’s.

I am starting an Etsy shop so I will be updating about that here too, I am selling cute one-off gothy designs but I also do custom work. I am hoping that this takes off because sewing is my passion and I can’t imagine doing anything else.


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